Leadership strategies are defined by different people in different ways.

They are not the same for everyone and that’s what makes it a unique concept to write about here on our leadership strategies web site.

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As you can imagine the senior generation owners of a business most likely consider leadership strategies in the context of conserving wealth and not taking unnecessary (in their opinion) risks in order to grow the business.

Younger generation successor owners see the challanges of the future quite differently and might consider their parents (older relatives) ideas about leadership as old fashioned.

Companies, especially family owned businesses with several generations involved in the operation simultaneously, have to sit down and talk openly about leadership related issues regardless of their personal preferences and carve out leadership strategies that are going to guide the rest of the business.

As these business owners consider both their interdependent relationships that may last decades into the future it’s crucial that leadership strategies be developed that consider what got the business to this point along with an agreed upon destination in the future.

Here is a look at the importance of quality leadership strategies and how to build a foundation that is sustainable for years to come.

The importance of clearly understood and articulated leadership strategies is about shaping the actions of those who are representing the company. This does not just include rank and file employees, but management as well.

If the leadership strategies in place do not permeate the entire organization from the loading dock to the Board Room, they are not going to remain sustainable nor are they going to be respected.

The value of having professional, high quality strategies in place has to do with guiding everyone in the right direction. It is about giving those who represent the company somewhere to look when searching for an answer. It can be described as ‘setting an example’ of what is expected and how to go about one’s day-to-day job.

Leaders At Every Level
In theory all leadership strategies are about leading from the top, which means the management has a key role to play. In fact, the most effective leadership strategies are those with input from everyone in the organization. Today the business environment changes rapidly.

Only with everyone on board – listening to customers, talking with suppliers, and looking over the fence at successful competitors will you be able to anticipate challenges and opportunities in time to include additional options into your leadership strategies.

When everyone understands the leadership strategies they have a blueprint for those who are going to be working for the company how the job has to be done and how the company has to be represented. Everybody is talking about the same future – so 100% of the focus is pointing to where the organization is ideally headed.

This is a key component of any leadership strategy that is going to be conveyed and implemented. Anyone can delegate, but it is those who are able to inspire and evoke admiration that are going to see sustained success.

Thorough Strategic Development
Strategies that are not thorough will never remain sustainable. It does not matter how heavy handed the implementation is. It has to cover all bases to ensure loopholes are not exploited and employees are able to get away with misdoings.

Today, more than ever before in history, organizations must have a laser like focus and must prioritize actions at every level of the business. Keeping the “big picture” in focus and literally in everyone’s face is important. A loss of focus, even seemly insignificant, can result in tragedy in the long run.

Encourage Involvement
Leadership strategies that are sustainable and provide actionable tactics up and down the organizations are the only ones that last. When everyone understands the strategy and is focused on it, where involvement of all employees is encouraged, is where victory lies. It is about creating an environment that is not only about being competitive and vying for success, but about being a team.

A successful business owner told me once, “some mistakes the business can absorb, other mistakes absorb the business” when referring to the importance of shared goals for the future. Once understood by everyone employees (owners and managers too) who have the best interests of the organization at heart, are less likely to make decisions or take actions that are counter productive and could possibly jeopardize the mission.

This type of atmosphere can only be created with leadership strategies aimed to let employees reflect on what is working and what is not. The common goal becomes easier for everyone to get on board when they have played a role in formulating it.

This is what great leadership is all about.

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