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Family Business Conflict Resolution, Exactly How Important Is It?

An overview of family business conflict with tools for measuring it's cost along with strategies for resolving workplace conflict.Family business conflict rarely seems to require consultants, it does on the other hand call on the family members to become willing to manage situations differently and even to do some things that they have not been willing to do up to now.

The simple truth is you know in your heart precisely what ought to be done to deal with the situations and personal relationships that are uncomfortable for everybody, despite the fact that no one is prepared to identify them as conflicts.

The main thing, you don’t need to read “The Complete Guide to Conflict Resolution in The Workplace” to discover the solution. You most likely ought to read the book, but it’s not essential.

With regards to managing the person to person differences that create conflict in all its forms to exist possibly even thrive in your family managed company, just about all you should do is position your own long-term self-interest at the top of your mind.

Think about it. So what do you actually want your family business to look like down the road and exactly what part would you like to play in its forthcoming future?

With that vision solidly imprinted in your thoughts do you think it will be less difficult to accomplish with the aid of ongoing conflict and hassle or through co-operation, discussion, and compromise?

In other words, what’s the smartest way to remove the hurdles standing in the way of your continued success?And don’t use the expressions “yes, but” to excuse whatever activities that won’t result in you accomplishing your long term goals.

Avoid excuses, if the big picture of you in the business is important, everything else may be set aside as insignificant fluff you simply will not let get in the way of your future.

Of course you’ve read scientific studies that over two-thirds of the voluntary terminations, people quitting, are the effect of unresolved family business conflict?

All of this is really the tip of the iceberg, since most businesses are family owned and have zero official complaint process, the personnel generally sense they are looking at the conflict in other ways because they or their dad either can’t or won’t quit their family owned business.

Stop whining and accusing others, do not plead with your mommy or daddy or your uncle. Stop protesting and complaining to your spouse or kicking the cat because of how unfair life is. Get over it!

Chances are the individual driving your business conflict has been causing family conflict too.

And simply because they usually are not going anywhere, either since no one else around will employ them or they’d never ever be able to make as much money anyplace else, you should step up and take control of the situation by yourself.

You’ll have to deal with them, possibly forever, so make the best of it. Your future must be more important than this.

That is the real mission isn’t it, to make best use of your future?

For that reason look at the hurdles as stepping stones, using the ‘mind over matter’ technique.

Provided you can act like you no longer mind their tricks, eventually they will get the concept that their behaviors don’t matter.

Seriously, when it comes to family business conflict, if you don’t permit them to get you down it won’t matter.

Read “The Complete Guide to Conflict Resolution in The Workplace”, seek out another workplace conflict resolution seminar, take a class on anger management, then dedicate yourself to the proposition that you’ll do whatever needs doing to make the business an even greater success in the future than it has been in the past.

If they believe they won, so what? If their parking place is closer to the front door, who cares? If perhaps their home is bigger or their teenagers have nicer vehicles, it isn’t worth spending your time crying about.

Assuming they want to take credit for the achievements you’ve created fine, everyone that matters will know the story.

If you make them rich along the way that’s fine too, it’s possible that they’ll take early retirement.

Most of all, you will know you did the right thing for the business, your family members, as well as for yourself!

The most effective solution for family business conflict is to make more money! Family business leaders know that making better decisions is the key to higher profits, making even the most annoying people easier to deal with. They also know that their best decisions are those made in collaboration with folks whose success they respect and whose opinions they trust. And they know when we harness to power of our peers, we make better decisions 100% of the time.
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